About Us

VoiceComm Consulting continually strives to maintain their leadership role in the field of Telecommunication Services providing the highest level of customer service in support of their clients worldwide.

VoiceComm Consulting is a resource helping their clients to bridge their current and future voice technologies.

1988 found Gail Martinez putting her skills as an entrepreneur to work, filling a need for customized training, specifically tailored for customers of then, AT&T voice systems. She began with a vision of empowerment, and through the development of effective tools and techniques fully enabled these customers in managing their communications systems. The birth of VoiceComm Consulting brought to market, the skills and insight Gail has been gathering in the field of Telecommunications since 1981. Gail & team have since designed and built telecommunication systems for many prominent companies, including a world-class resort. Her scope has included hotels, the re-design of a financial institution’s entire communications infra-structure, a variety of call centers and most recently the top research hospital in the US.

With a strong focus on customer service, VoiceComm Consulting has always specialized in quality and personalized training for clients of Avaya Inc. product groups. Since its inception, the company’s resume has grown to include other IT services. Our team of strong individuals provides professional services to assist our customers in leveraging advanced voice technologies in support of their own business goals allowing them to make Communication their most productive resource. With continued concentration on our four key initiatives: Customer Service, Growth, Productivity and People, we now offer a wide array of services across multiple voice system providers and are proud to be an authorized AVAYA Business Partner for telecommunications services since 2000.